Welcome to M&H

We are a Rotterdam based company that designs and rents out flexible and beautiful exhibitions on architecture, Dutch design, literature and graphic design. You can find them in museums, town halls, hospitals and libraries. Happy clients are the Amsterdam Public Library, Rotterdam Sophia Children’s Hospital, Technical University Delft, Hangaram Design Museum in Seoul.

Our exhibitions are known to be flexible, don’t require walls and include English and Dutch texts. We arrange for everything, from transport to set-up. Would you like to know more and host one at your gallery? Just drop us a line!

Marjoleine Molenaar and Harry Hoek

Vertical Cities is currently in display in the Yale University Architecture GalleryAnd the Hartford Courant wrote a really good article about it! 

‘Some might assume that an exhibit at Yale School of Architecture would appeal only to architecture and structural-engineering buffs. But the current exhibit will fascinate anyone who wonders what cities might look like in the future.’

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