Welcome to M&H

We are a Rotterdam based company that designs and rents out flexible and beautiful exhibitions on architecture, Dutch design, literature and graphic design. You can find them in museums, town halls, hospitals and libraries. Happy clients are the Amsterdam Public Library, Rotterdam Sophia Children’s Hospital, Technical University Delft, Hangaram Design Museum in Seoul.

Our exhibitions are known to be flexible, don’t require walls and include English and Dutch texts. We arrange for everything, from transport to set-up. Would you like to know more and host one at your gallery? Just drop us a line!

Marjoleine Molenaar and Harry Hoek

Currently working on our newest exhibition: Redesign Rietveld!

During the Covid- years MH-Expo has been working on an extension of the 100xRietveld project. In the ongoing research and fascination with Rietvelds furniture they stumbled upon an impressive amount (over 50!) of re-designs, interpretations and odes to Rietveld made by artists all over the world. They decided to collect these designs and, again, re-built them on a scale 1:3 along with the background stories on the design and its maker.

This collection of re-designs shows not only the extent of Rietvelds inspiration and influence on artists and designers, but also teaches us about design thinking in general: form, function, materials, concept, style, humor, copy or hommage. 


In 2022 MH-Expo will present the collection of Rietveld 1:3 scale models and their stories into a modulair exhibition, combined with a children’s educational project teaching children about the endless posibilities in design! The exhibition will travel to public libraries, schools and design institutes.

Photo: Rietveld re-design by Julien Berthier /  Left-handed chair