To infinity… and beyond!

Get to know more about the intriguing number Pi. This exhibition displays the history of Pi from 4000 BC until now.
It is the number that is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter; Pi. Intriguing because it’s defined as having an infinite number of decimals. A never ending number. Exhibition maker Harry Hoek got fascinated by the number and created an exhibition about the history of the number Pi from 4000 BC until now. Intriguing Pi is a playful installation which shows the first million decimals of Pi on 500 a4 sheets with a surface area of 2220 x 150 cm. This shows just how much one million actually is. In addition to this the Intriguing Pi shows a timeline with interesting trivia.

International Pi Day

Pi’s birthday is annually being celebrated on 14 March at many Universities and Schools. The number π starts with 3.14; and that is how 14 March (3-14 in the Anglo-Saxon calendar) was once proclaimed International Pi Day; fortuitously also Albert Einstein’s birthday.