100x Rietveld

Hollands finest! Designer Gerrit Rietveld (1888-1964) was probably most famous for his radical designs dating from the 1920s. His career, however, continued for another couple of decades, and during which he designed some very diverse furniture. Yet despite the wide variety in his designs, the basic principles for the majority of his furniture were simplicity, clarity and efficiency of construction. Today, they are an inspiration for designers all over the world.

The 100 scale models in this exhibition are highly representative of Rietveld’s work and show a fascination with materials and construction. In contrast with most scale models which use simplified materials, these have been built in the exact same way as the originals.

Photos: Jan van der Heul

– 3 hexagonal closed showcases. 3 diameter wide, 1.80 m high
– 25 spotlights inside showcases
– Showcases contain 100+ furniture scale models 1:3
– Text labels for every scale model
– 2 text /photo banners containing backgroun information & photography on Rietveld& art movement De Stijl.
– Optional: 2 original size Rietveld chairs, public can
sit on