Redesign Rietveld

Pioneering furniture designer and architect Gerrit Rietveld (1888-1964) became unprecedentedly famous with his radical designs from the 1920’s. His iconic work remains an inspiration for contemporary designers today, many of whom took a red-blue chair or sideboard by Rietveld as the starting point for their own, completely new, version. The Redesign Rietveld exhibition takes you through sixty of these odes to the great master, conceived by designers from all over the world and recreated in 1:3 scale by exhibition makers Harry Hoek and Marjoleine Molenaar.

This collection of re-designs shows not only the extent of Rietvelds inspiration and influence on artists and designers, but also teaches us about design thinking in general: form, function, materials, concept, style, humor, copy or hommage.

Technical details

The exhibition consists of:
– 60 models 1:3
– English texts
– 3 hexagonal displays(H 2.40 DM 3)
– integrated lighting
– an inspirational video.

M&H provides the exhibition, the transportation, the set-up, dismantling and text/ photo’s for promotional use.

Side programme
Redesign Rietveld has a modular set-up and offers opportunities for workshops, education projects, contests or lectures on art-history about De Stijl/ Neoplasticism.

The participating artists support this overview exhibition and emphasize on promoting the pleasure of designing towards a younger generation. They are aware of the fact that they too started out with learning from their teacher Rietveld, who gave them a great example.

Redesigns by:
– Maarten Baas (NL)
– Buro Staal Christensen (NL)
– Glen Baxter (UK)
– Julien Berthier (FR)
– Marc Bijl (DE)
– D-W-A Design Collective (US)
– Joost Swarte (NL)
– Katerina Sokolova (UKR)
– Thomas Laurens Bakker (NL)
– Garry Knox Bennett (US)
– M. Lizardou & G. Sophia (GR)
– Giorgio Bencivenni (IT)
– Alessandro Mendini (IT)
– Ryan Gander (UK)
– Michel Aubry (FR)
– Luc Deleu (BG)
– Joep van Lieshout (NL)
– Ron Arad (ISR)
– XYZ Integrated Architecture (GE)
– Ronen Kadushin (ISR)
– Lernert en Sander (NL)
– Laura Lima (PE)
– Margriet Craens & Lucas Maassen (NL)
– Bertjan Pot (NL)
– RO/LU (US)
– General Idea (US)
– Nic Hess (CH)
– Chaitrali Bhide (US)
– Jan Plechac (CZ)
– Peter Sas (NL)
– Mal-Furniture (NL)
– Bastiaan Buijs (NL)
– John Striegel (NL)
– Barbara Visser (NL)
– Pieke Bergmans (NL)